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This is my first time I have written a blog in my life. I feel kind of nervous and worried because I’m not really good at writing and expressing my thoughts in words. Thanks to Ms Liisa, My First Blog... Continue Reading →

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Feedback on the Presentations

First day There are 4 presentations on the first day: Air pollution in New York, Indoor air in office, Renewable energy for fossil fuel and Children lead poisoning. All the four presentations were performed well, which expresses their careful preparation,... Continue Reading →

Week 12: Managing Environmental Health Risks: Indoor Air Quality and Housing

1. Indoor Air We already have the post about the ambient air, now I will tell you about the indoor air. Indoor Air Quality refers to the air quality within and around buildings and structures, especially as it relates to the health... Continue Reading →

Week 11: Managing Environmental Health Risks: Ambient air pollution and noise

There are many environmental factors to human health and we can't deny that ambient air pollution and noise are also included in two of them. 1. Ambient Air Pollution It is obvious that ambient air is all the air outside... Continue Reading →

Week 8+10: Managing Environmental Health Risks: Food

I believe that no one can resist the good food. I am the person who really love eating. Whenever I'm free , I usually spend time being in the kitchen either cooking or eating ^_^ There are hundreds, thousands kinds... Continue Reading →

Week 7: Managing Environmental Health Risks: Bathing Water

Bathing water is defined as the water used for bathing and swimming. Bathing water can be contaminated by many different hazards but they are mainly from 3 types sources: Chemical, Microbiological, Physical through 3 main exposure routes: –Direct ingestion of water... Continue Reading →

Week 6: Managing Environmental Health Risks: Potable Water

As we all know, water plays an important role in our lives, especially for human. The human body in fact is comprised of 75% water. Water permits blood flow through vessels to distribute the essential nutrients and minerals throughout the body.... Continue Reading →

Week 5: Managing Environmental Health Risks

Risk management is the process to identify, analyze, evaluate, and minimize the risks to human health and to ecosystems. This process includes 3 steps: Identifying the Hazards Assessing the risk levels Risk management option Identifying the Hazards: In order to identify... Continue Reading →

Week 4: Environmental Health Hazards

Chemical Hazards: As you know from the previous post, there are 3 main exposures of human body to chemical hazards: Oral, Dermal, Inhalation. And I will tell you more about the source of these chemical hazards through some examples below: Especially,... Continue Reading →

Week 3: FACTORS of Environmental Health

Human's health is affected by 4 following environmental factors: Chemical:  hazardous substances in the food, water, air, soil and most of things around us. Microbiology: pathogenic microbes such as bacteria, virus, fungi,... Physical: noise, dust, radiation, EMFs (Electromagnetic fields ) Others: psychological, ... Continue Reading →

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